Agile meets Architecture

Agile meets Architecture is THE place for agilists and architects to meet, mingle and get informed about the latest news in their fields. By purchasing a ticket you agree that you read, understood and will act by our Code of Conduct. We are happy to welcome you at

Where does the event happen? Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany

When does the event happen?
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FULL 2-DAY conference ticket

€799.00 plus 19% VAT

ONLY Thursday ticket

1-Day-Ticket for Thursday

€449.00 plus 19% VAT

ONLY Friday ticket

1-Day-Ticket for Thursday

€449.00 plus 19% VAT

Diversity ticket - please contact us via

Please send us a brief email if you are part of a typically underrepresented/marginalized group, including but not limited to individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, women, people of color, and/or people with disabilities and/or would otherwise not be able to attend this conference. We will then send you the voucher to redeem your ticket.

€99.00 plus 19% VAT