Faust 2021 in seven parts (digital)

Here you can buy tickets for "Faust in seven parts". We will send you the link for the presentation and further instructions a day before the event via e-mail.

Faust in seven parts (digital)

40 students from the Performing Arts program will investigate the question of how Goethe's Faust can be visualized today. The results of the project will be presented on the online-platform Vimeo at two weekends.
The performances will each take place on two evenings:

• Saturday 5/6/21 (Faust I: Night, Before the Gate, Margarete) and Sunday 6/6/21 (Faust II: Society, Laboratory, Faust meets Ananse)
• Saturday 12/6/21 (Faust I: Night, Before the Gate, Margarete) and Sunday 13/6/21 (Faust II: Society, Laboratory, Faust meets Ananse)

The presentations will each begin at 6 pm. Moreover, individuals can experience an audiowalk (Pact) around the Mensa in the Callinstraße at the weekends.

What do we strive for to be happy? What is really important - and what is just a waste? What are the consequences of our actions?
The character of Faust is a symbol of modern people. In its ambivalence it stands for euphoric highs and flights of the ego as well as for the deep falls afterwards, for enthusiastic "striving" as well as for the catastrophic consequences following. Seven different groups deal with Goethe's literal work of art through different theatrical formats and thematic focuses. Furthermore, all participants of the LUH are (digitally) involved in a chorus. One project group, consisting of Ghanaian and German students, confronts Faust-Mephisto with the West African Ananse character. The fragmentary and episodic nature of Faust's journey through "the small, then the big world" serves as a guide to the multifaceted approaches to Goethe's classic.

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