Frequently asked Questions

Why do you charge a fee?

The no-show rate at free meetups is about 50% and varies so it's very hard to choose the maximum number of registrations for a small event. People will join that would otherwise take a free course online (see below), and no seats will be available for the ones how need an instructor. The fee is designed to cover expenses of the organisers and the event itself. Any surplus will benefit the Vue.js Frankfurt meetup.

Why do you offer this course only to private individuals?

The prices are similar to an evening class ("Volkshochschule") to be affordable by private individuals who just want to learn Vue.js. I offer different courses for Companies who want to trains their employees. For more information please contact

But I want a free course!

There are several free online courses like out there. If this works for you to learn Vue.js, please use these online tools as they scale very well: an unlimited number of users can learn Vue.js this way without an additional cost for instructor and venue. If a free online course is not what you need, you can here get a training for a price of an evening class ("Volkshochschule"). The seats are limited, it takes the additional effort of an instructor and a venue, therefore we charge a fee.

Where is the location?

The location is the office of <code>monauts. Rear building, watch out for a sign post. Closest station is "Friedberger Platz" (Tram 18, 12 and Bus 30, second stop if you start at "Konstabler Wache"). You can also walk from "Merianplatz" (U4), but that's a little longer.

Why do you close the registration the days before the event?

This allows us to prepare the location and organise snacks. We try to offer a competitive price, and we need to be efficient to do so.

Why don't you offer full refunds when I cancel my order?

Every refund takes personal time of the organisers to complete. Payment provider charges will still apply for the organisers. Therefore we want you to think twice before ordering a ticket. When we as organisers cancel an event, we will give a full refund (but we will not pay any other expenses you might have had due to the cancellation of the event).

Will I be a Vue.js professional after the course?

No. We will start with the basics, and the goal is to get you started with Vue.js. There is a lot more to learn after the basics, and you'll need to develop real life applications to get a professional. And maybe use other learning material available on the Internet.

Do you hand our receipts and certificates at the end of the course?

No, we don't intend to do so. If you need something like that, please get in contact with us.

My situation is special and this doesn't work for me!

Please get in contact with the organisers to see if we can find a solution for your situation: