Schloss Schönburn 2023

Schloss Schönburn 2023

Sep 06th – 10th, 2023 **
Schloss Drosendorf, Schloßplatz 1, 2095 Drosendorf Stadt**

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Schönburn will be returning to a new and truly amazing castle, the beautiful Schloss Drosendorf in Lower Austria! Schloss Schönburn 2023 is an Official Burning Man Regional Event for Austria, independently organized by the Austrian Burners association. according to the 10 Burning Man principles.

We are transforming a unique baroque castle surrounded by the beautiful Austrian countryside, into a magical playground and burner’s paradise. Schloss Schönburn is different each year. There might be music, there might be fire, there might be workshops, performances, art projects, food, drinks, … BUT all of this will only happen if YOU are bringing it! The most important infrastructure will be organised for you, but for the rest we are relying on YOU, to make the dream(s) of Schloss Schönburn a reality.

Schloss Schönburn is a fully participatory event, which means that you are NOT a visitor, coming to consume and be entertained. Instead, you are expected to be an active part of this experience by contributing and co-creating to the best of your abilities, may it be big or small. There are plenty of ways to contribute! You might bring an art project, do a performance, offer a workshop, share food, drinks or other gifts with others, or volunteer to be one of the many people who keep the castle running! This could be by checking others in at the gate, explaining to them all there is to know about the event, offer your medical skills, join the rangers to keep castle law and order, keep the castle free of MOOP, or simply jump in wherever help is needed.

Schloss Schönburn gives you the freedom to express yourself freely and interact with others on a base of respect and openness, and allows you to unfold your full creative potential. Our community and this event is based on the 10 principles of Burning Man, which serve as guidelines for our intentions and interactions with each other. These principles are important to us - so please make them important to you as well. As a community, we want to thrive and expand!

You are highly encouraged to start connecting and co-creating right away, well before the event, by joining our online communication tools and platforms, or by coming to one of our regular face-to-face meetings in Vienna.

Are you ready for this ride? Organization will happen on our newly created Schönburn hub, so if you want to get informed and involved from the start, please register for an account and learn how to use Discourse.

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Where does the event happen? Schloss Drosendorf

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