Portal to the Other Realms - Performance with Gosia Lehmann

Join us for a tour trough the fabric of spacetime to discover the oddities of ‘economic believes’. In her experimental lecture-performance ‘Portal to the Other Realms’ Gosia Lehmann invites the audience into the Blue Chamber: an extra-dimensional space inhabited by ’Angels-of-sweet-deals’, who will be your guides through the evening. The audience will get to make decisions about the narratives of the performance. But be aware: a choice can’t be undone and a story can never be told twice.

‘Portal to the Other Realms’ is part of Gosia Lehmann’s ‘Divine Interventions <–> Force Majeure’ - an ongoing series of works exploring the idea of economic shamanism and how the business of future forecasting evolved from esoteric and ritualistic believes into a corporate industry. ‘Divine Interventions <–> Force Majeure’ combines well-known economic symbols, forgotten currencies with instruments to predict the future. They all meet together in a dreamlike, ultramarine room, referring to corporate aesthetics of financial institutions and the history of the blue pigment. The starting point for the work is a question on how do we believe in values we create.

Starting point: Wall Street (Wallstraße 57 in front of Brazilian Embassy)
Please be on time!

The performance will be held in English. Admission is free.
Access according to the 2G regulation for vaccinated or recovered persons.
Guests with communication or assistance needs please notify us at: (030) 9018-37461 or email: info@baerenzwinger.berlin


Performers: Gosia Lehmann & Rosanna Graf & Maryna Makarenko
Production assistance: Valerian Blos
Sound: Gabriel Kleber
3d renders: Hsiangfu Chen

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