3hd 2020: Dune / TAG DER CLUBKULTUR Oct. 3rd, 2020

Creamcake is celebrating Club Culture Day (TAG DER CLUBKULTUR) at Prenzlauer Berg’s Kleiner Wasserspeicher in the best way it knows how: experimental, non-conformist and queer-feminist. Incorporated into this year's 3hd 2020: “UNHUMANITY” festival program, the event takes its title from the Lynchian film and cult novel by Frank Herbert called "Dune". Following a science-fiction account of human survival on an uninhabitable desert planet, its themes of science and ecology, politics and power address some of the urgent and immediate concerns of our contemporary era.

Contributions by harpist Ange Halliwell, musicians IKU and Thoom, and production duo Space Afrika will be divided into two parts, where dub techno, drone and ambient meet dark electronic beats, alienated voices, and escapist string sounds. The format will follow similar COVID-19 health and safety regulations as September’s “Waterworld” performance evening, except “Dune”’s motifs of decline and desertification stand in contrast to the 1995 action-films implied effects of global warming on an earth underwater. A notion of extreme climate conditions endures between both of them.

Part 1
7.00pm Ange Halliwell
7.45pm IKU

8.30-9.30pm air out

Part 2
9.30pm Space Afrika
10.15pm Thoom

Capacity is reduced to 80 people.

The presale period for this event is over.

Location: Kleiner Wasserspeicher
Diedenhofer Straße, 10405 Berlin

Oct. 3rd, 2020
Begin: 19:00
End: 23:00
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