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3hd 2020: Echo Chamber

A four-day sound exhibition running at Großer Wasserspeicher, "Echo Chamber” brings its title's metaphorical term for confirmation bias and ideological bubbles to its acoustic root by utilizing the sounds reverberating in the resonant enclosure of the now-defunct reservoir that was once Berlin’s lifeblood.

The event will feature a multi-sensory and interdisciplinary works spanning the four different rings circling the Prenzlauer Berg water tower, where a limited number of audience members can walk through and experience this crossover of visual arts, storytelling, and post-club sounds. The cyclic structure of the space mirrors the cyclic nature of life, cultural movements and social progress.

Artists include:
Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė
Petja Ivanova & Cammack Lindsey/i.ruuu
Alice Z Jones
Hans-Henning Korb
Johanna Odersky
Emilie Palmelund & Oli XL
Tea Stražičić
Laura Welker

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