I CAN SWIM swimming courses at FLOW

Welcome to the reservation page for swimming courses at FLOW

We offer courses to learn the basics of swimming and to encourage you to improve afterwards. Below you can find swimming lessons for adults and youngsters from 16 years and older, children between 5 and 15 years, and specific courses for women only.

The swimming courses are possible thanks to the support of Rotary Brussel Coudenberg.

❗️ These courses are dedicated to adults and children who can NOT swim at all! ❗️
They are NOT meant for people who want to improve their swimming skills.

The swimming courses are possible thanks to the support by Rotary Brussels and Quartier Biestebroeck asbl. The quality of the courses is assured by swimming club 'Femmes en forme', led by Mariem Samadi.

To be able to learn how to swim, attendance of all lessons courses is required.

You can book multiple courses (for example for you and for your child, or for several children together) at the same time.

Each course consists of 4 lessons. The lessons take place always on the same days in the week (Saturday or Sunday), at the same time.
The lessons last 30 minutes, you can stay 15min longer in the water. Please arrive at the pool at least 20 minutes before the lesson to sign in and change.

For children we provide wetsuits for comfort even when the weather is a little cooler.

The swimming lessons are free for everyone. However, during the reservation process you can make a voluntary donation to support FLOW and POOL IS COOL.

Please acknowledge our efforts by attending all lessons. After attending all lessons you will receive a little present.

Sorry, reservation for this lesson has ended.

Where does the event happen? FLOW
Klein Eiland 14 Rue de la Petite Ile - Pont Pierre Marchant Brug
1070 Anderlecht