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Women swim at FLOW

This session is reserved for women and their children (up to 12 years).

Men are exceptionally not allowed access for this brief moment.

The FLOW team will consist of women only at this time.

All other regulations are in line with those of the time slots for all.


FLOW is an outdoor swimming pool. The pool and the swimmers are visible from the outside. We can not guarantee full privacy.
However, you are welcome in all kinds of bathing suit that you feel comfortable in, as long as the bathing suit is specifically made for swimming.

Below you can select tickets for adults, youngsters and children.

In the swimming zone and the pool children under 12 year must be accompanied by an adult in swimwear!

A time slot is 45 minutes. This includes the time for entering and leaving the swimming zone.

You must arrive at least 25 minutes beforehand at the entrance for the check-in to exchange your ticket for a swimming pass that grants access to the swimming zone at the specific time of your time slot.

Sorry, reservation for this time slot has ended.

Where does the event happen? FLOW
Klein Eiland 14 Rue de la Petite Ile - Pont Pierre Marchant Brug
1070 Anderlecht