Swimming at FLOW 2022

Welcome on the booking page of FLOW!

Here you can book tickets for a swim in the pool:

  • To swim at FLOW, you best book a ticket in advance. Booking at the pool is free of charge, booking online requires the payment of a little booking fee.
    Read more about why online booking is no longer free here on the POOL IS COOL website. What do you think? Share your opinion with us in a mail to flow@flow.brussels.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and can not be returned or changed. Refund only in case of cancellation on our part (e.g. due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances).
  • A ticket is valid for one time slot of 45 minutes in the pool and swimming zone. Before and after your time slot you can stay longer on the sun decks around the pool.
  • There are usually 9 time slots per day for everybody, from 12h15 until 19h00.
  • Early swimmers are welcome at two time slots on Tuesday morning between 8h30 and 10h00
  • On Saturday morning there are additional time slots for women only.
  • 🕓 Booking is possible from 72 hours (3 days) before the time slot.
  • There are tickets for adults (18+ years), youngsters (12-17 years), children (6-11 years) and toddlers (<6 years)
  • You can book a maximum of 6 tickets per booking
  • ❗️In the swimming zone and pool children under 12 year must be accompanied by an adult in swimwear!

There are three steps in the booking process:

  1. Choose your preferred date and time slot. Time slots that are fully booked are marked in red.

  2. You can book up to 6 tickets per booking.

  3. You must provide one email address per reservation and the names of all swimmers (adults, youngsters and children).


Please make sure that you check in at the entrance of FLOW at least 20 minutes before the time of your time slot.
Bring your ticket and show the code to obtain your swimming pass for the swimming zone.
Late check-ins are not possible, your place might be offered to persons waiting at FLOW for a last-minute chance to swim.

By reserving a time slot you accept the rules and regulations of FLOW which you can find on our website at www.flow.brussels/en/rules.

FLOW is supported by the Brussels Government, the Flemish Government, the VGC, Bruxelles Environnement, Bruxelles Mobilité, urban brussels, the Port of Brussels and the Commune of Anderlecht.

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