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I forgot everything already (but it’s not it’s not too late) - Cikacé Lestine

« Être égal aux autres, c’est un défi
Même si l’on est né ici
Quand nos parents viennent d’un autre pays
(...) Moi j’ai pourtant trouvé ma voie
Celle qui rend ma vie égale aux vôtres
Celle qui me rend comme les autres »

« It’s a challenge to be treated equally
When our parents come from another country
Even if we are born in this territory
(...) And yet I have found my own way
The one that makes my life equal to them
The one that makes me the same as other men and women »

Cikacé Lestine, 9 years old, imminent eminent artist, aspiring inspiring poet

Choreography, text, performance: Cikacé Lestine
With the participation of: Geneviève Aïssi
Artwork: Geneviève Aïssi
Text translation: Cikacé Lestine, Louise Rieger
Technical support: Bobbi Stojaković
Mentoring: Diego Agulló, Rébecca Chaillon, Philipp Gehmacher, Frauke Havemann
Feedback and support: Auguste de Boursetty, Jule Flierl, Magda Korsinsky, Ritni Pieski, rara, Bobbi Stojaković

Cikacé Lestine is a professional wannabe. Depending on the contexts and occasions, they might appear as an emerging performer, a soon-to-be writer, an aspiring DJ, a dedicated French teacher, a novice bartender, an occasional activist, or a drag king boysband superstar.

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Where does the event happen? HZT Berlin Campus Uferstudios
Uferstr. 23 | Badstr. 41a
13357 Berlin

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