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Studies Of Softening. Part 3 // I am trembling more than usual - Therese Bendjus

A space for the encounter with different qualities of vulnerability and intimacy.

May I linger inside your body for a little longer?
The third episode of STUDIES OF SOFTENING opens a space to encounter different qualities of vulnerability and intimacy. Departing from the physicalities of membranes, this interactive installational performance asks which effects the separation from the outside/the Other causes within the body and further investigates how to dissolve and pervade these barriers. Aiming towards a perception of intraconnectedness of all bodies and materials within and beyond the space.

I AM TREMBLING MORE THAN USUAL invites you to follow your personal curiosity and desire, immersing yourself in sound, being absorbed by the foam landscape and left in subtle uncertainty.

Concept and Performance: Therese Bendjus
Support: Mateo Argerich
Voices: Adèle Aïssi-Guyon, Alejandro Gonzales, Antonia Bendjus, Asya Ashman, Dasha Belous,
Derin Cankaya, Diego Agulló, Dijana Zadro, Emeka Ene, Hannah Schillinger, Lisa Kohlstädt, Marta
Ruszkowska, Siegmar Zacharias and Zuki Ringart
Mentoring: Siegmar Zacharias, Anna Nowicka, Philipp Gehmacher

Therese Bendjus investigates the body as matter. Working with materials such as toothpicks and heaters, her works play with the friction of absurdity and the ordinary. She proposes to challenge the measurable/diagnosable in order to access spaces of uncertainty and vagueness – building multisensorial spaces, that encourage people to be vulnerable, intimate and brave with one another and themselves.

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Where does the event happen? HZT Berlin Campus Uferstudios
Uferstr. 23 | Badstr. 41a
13357 Berlin

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