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Fandom (work in progress) - Marta Marja Ruszkowska

this dance is dedicated to my idols and to my devotees.
in this dance i will be everything you are yearning for me to be.
whoever endures till the end, will be redeemed.

Choreography, performance: Marta Marja Ruszkowska
Mentoring: Anna Nowicka, Frauke Havemann, Philipp Gehmacher

Marta Marja Ruszkowska
born and raised in Polska, based in Berlin.
dancer, performer, dance maker.
alumna of Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin (HZT).
holder of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes scholarship in the field of dance (2021-2023).
co-founder and member of the drag king boys band Hot Compost.

~ universal basic income is beautiful
and good! ~

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Where does the event happen? HZT Berlin Campus Uferstudios
Uferstr. 23 | Badstr. 41a
13357 Berlin

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