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Booksmart (OmU) - Summer cinema at the HSZ-Wiese (Replacement date)

Replacement date for the cancelled event of 09.07.21:
Molly and Amy did everything right in high school: With perfect grades, they are are going to study at top universities. But on the final day of school, Molly realizes that their schoolmates, who seemingly did nothing else than partying, did also manage to get into elite universities. Determined not to miss out on anything, she persuades Amy to catch up on the fun of the last years in their few final hours of high school. They're in for an epic night of bad behavior, at the end of which comes a lesson that can't be learned from books.

With her fast-paced directorial debut "Booksmart", Olivia Wilde delivers a fresh update on the high school comedy. As smart as it is warm-hearted, this cinematic fun about true friendship easily dances around all the clichés with a cool soundtrack and original gags. Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein shine with wit and girl power as an incorruptible duo and recommend themselves as stars of tomorrow. (Source: Weltkino, translated using DeepL)

Location: Lawn behind the Hörsaalzentrum (HSZ)

July 30th, 2021
Begin: 21:00
End: 23:30
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