BLUE GOAT Convention

Goethe was here and he claimed, "In Imenau, there is the sky so blue and the billy goat is dancing with his spouse."

Beneath this blue sky, on the fringes of the Thuringian Woods and in the middle of the comfy campus of the TU Ilmenau you will be part of a three days adventure with heroic battles, magic turnaments, phantasmagorial monsters and lion-hearted heroes - but just on paper cause there is this saying "If you stand up, it`s larping" - and therefore we rather stay seates and get a tennis elbow by dicing rather than broken legs from running.

Games are taking place in rounds by five or less players, there are manifold game-systems and worlds such as classical high-fantasy, cyberpunk or horror-tales. For sleepover bring your own tent, we can provide camping site/tent pitch.

Included in the ticket-price is the entrance for the convention and the get-together-party on thursday evening, participance in all gaming-rounds and the camping site. For use of the shower in the nearby sports hall you need a 50 Cent-Coin each. Additional you can purchase a soft-drink and board-bundle (more information on the website).

Where does the event happen? Campus TU Ilmenau (lawn at bi-Studentenclub)

When does the event happen?
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Spielleiter:innen Ticket

Tickets für Gamemaster - 12 € - keine Preisabstufungen

Gamemaster Ticket

Verfügbar bis zum 15.08.2024.

12 currently available

12,00 € incl. 7% MwSt.

Player Ticket

Tickets for players € 16 until 31.07.24 - from 01.08.24 until 15.08.24 before the start of the CON as a last-minute ticket for € 20

Player Ticket

Verfügbar bis zum 31.07.2024.

8 currently available

16,00 € incl. 7% MwSt.