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4 | Concert - Percussion Orchestra Cologne

Percussion Orchestra Cologne

Enno Poppe
Neues Werk für zehn Drumsets

What happens when a solo instrument is multiplied, when one individual is increased tenfold to a group of identical members? This is the setup of the new work by Enno Poppe for ten drum sets. The composer conceives the extended one-hour duration to immerse the audience in one immense drum set.

Where does the event happen? Donaueschingen, Bartók Saal

When does the event happen?
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from 12,00 € to 24,00 €
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24,00 € incl. 7% MwSt.

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Schüler:innen, Student:innen und Personen mit B im Ausweis

12,00 € incl. 7% MwSt.

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Wheelchair driver in the company of one other person.

12,00 € incl. 7% MwSt.