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5 | Concert - SWR Symphonieorchester

Juliet Fraser Sopran
Roscoe Mitchell Sopransaxophon
Susanne Blumenthal Leitung
Damon Holzborn, Hongshuo Fan Softwareentwicklung

Pascale Criton
Alter für Sopran und Orchester

George Lewis
The Reincarnation of Blind Tom.
Doppelkonzert für menschlichen Solisten, KI-Pianisten und Orchester

Simon Steen-Andersen
grosso für Quartett, Orchester und Elektronik

Three works offer completely different constellations between composers, soloists, and orchestra. Pascale Criton’s essay on otherness is reflected in the iridescent relationship between soprano and instruments. George Lewis confronts Roscoe Mitchell and the orchestra with an AI soloist, continuing his decades-long occupation with the artistic potential of AI. Simon Steen-Andersen asks an existing ensemble, Yarn/Wire, to face the orchestra and sets himself a sonic challenge after ten years of working with film and music theatre: no video, no multimedia, only instruments and electronics.

Where does the event happen? Donaueschingen, Baarsporthalle

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