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8a |Concert - Laura Bowler, lovemusic

Laura Bowler Stimme

Laura Bowler
Neues Werk

David Bird
Neues Werk

Hannah Kendall
Tuxedo: Between Carnival and Lent

The lovemusic collective from Strasbourg has attracted attention through skilfully staged concerts that trace a coherent dramaturgical thread. In its Donaueschingen debut, the ensemble brings together three younger compositional voices from England and the USA who draw inspiration from literature and the visual arts in their new works. Composer and performer Laura Bowler not only sings her own new work, but also a composition by Hannah Kendall. In turn, Kendall pursues her fascination with Jean-Michel Basquiat's »Tuxedo«, to which she has already dedicated a series of compositions. David Bird responds to a short story by science fiction author William Gibson about the confrontation with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Where does the event happen? Donaueschingen, Mozart Saal

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