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11 | Performance - Rubbish Music

Rubbish Music
Kate Carr Objekte, Elektronik
Iain Chambers Objekte, Elektronik

Garbage, stretching from oceans of plastic to high tech recycling plants: for most, this is the image of ecocide. But what if garbage could be experienced differently if we spent more time together with it? The British duo Rubbish Music, Kate Carr und Iain Chambers, takes this as their point of departure as they sound out the journeys, transformations, and impacts of our discarded objects. Before their performance, they scour the ground in Donaueschingen for rubbish with sonic potential. With these musique concrète materials, they follow the stories we tell with our garbage and the plots that develop afterwards.

Where does the event happen? Donaueschingen, Eventkeller

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