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Concert 5 | Ensemble Ascolta

The project »Echoräume« conceives an open space for a slowly evolving conversation by means of music and language without preconceptions about the starting point or the result.
Writer Felicitas Hoppe and composer Iris ter Schiphorst, as well as writer Anja Kampmann and composer Elnaz Seyedi, have engaged in tandem in this dialogue to devise their own processes of artistic collaboration. While Kampmann and Seyedi bring fragmentation to the fore in search of a new mode of comprehension in the threshold region between language and music, Hoppe and ter Schiphorst create a double biography of the 21st century and perform their own theatre of understanding.

Einat Aronstein Sopran
Felicitas Hoppe Stimme
Salome Kammer Stimme, Performance
Ensemble Ascolta
Catherine Larsen-Maguire Leitung
Iris Drögekamp Dramaturgie, szenische Einrichtung

Iris ter Schiphorst & Felicitas Hoppe
Was wird hier eigentlich gespielt?
für Sänger-Performerin, Ensemble
und Elektronik

Elnaz Seyedi & Anja Kampmann
Neues Werk für Stimmen und Ensemble

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Where does the event happen? Donaueschingen, Donauhallen - Mozart Saal

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