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Concert 6b | Ictus

What would it sound like if everything ever heard in a room remained audible? Inspired by a story by Salomo Friedlaender in which a professor tries to capture and reproduce Goethe’s
voice in his study, the composer Joanna Bailie pursues her long-time artistic preoccupation with memory. Proceeding from the idea that sounds never disappear but are constantly
layered, in her new work 1979 she reverses the direction of time: from the maximum concentration of noise to its breakdown into individual songs and sounds.


Joanna Bailie
1979 für acht Musiker:innen,
Video und Elektronik

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Where does the event happen? Donaueschingen, Realschule - grosse Sporthalle

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Schüler:innen, Student:innen und Personen mit B im Ausweis

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