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Concert 10 | Yarn/Wire II

In their second concert of the festival, Yarn/Wire demonstrates the aesthetic scope embraced by their artistry. Giulia Lorusso is inspired by a painting by Anselm Kiefer to concrete sound ideas. Olga Neuwirth’s new work searches for the suspension of time. Bakudi Scream joins the quartet as a performer. Annea Lockwood finally receives her festival debut at the age of 84 with a composition reacting to the global collapse of insect populations, which she developed in a collaborative process with the musicians.

Bakudi Scream Performance

Olga Neuwirth
Black Dwarf für zwei Synthesizer,
zwei Schlagzeuger und Zuspiel

Giulia Lorusso
Neues Werk für zwei Klaviere,
zwei Schlagzeuger und Elektronik

Bakudi Scream
Neues Werk für Performer, zwei Klaviere,
zwei Schlagzeuger und Elektronik

Annea Lockwood & Yarn/Wire
Into the Vanishing Point für zwei Klaviere Erstaufführung
und zwei Schlagzeuger

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Where does the event happen? Donaueschingen, Donauhallen - Bartók Saal

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