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Concert 12 | Abschlusskonzert SWR Symphonieorchester

The final concert presents three generations of composers: Younghi Pagh-Paan, who achieved her international breakthrough in Donaueschingen in 1980, dedicates her new work to the existential consolation through which a person in need finds the courage and strength to continue living. Francesca Verunelli explores the different temporalities of music and how they interact with timbre. In his piano concerto, Steven Kazuo Takasugi draws from a cornucopia of inspirations ranging from James Joyce to the baroque doctrine of affects to the structure of an ant’s brain: a survey of the composer’s idiosyncratic preoccupations.

Roger Admiral Klavier
SWR Experimentalstudio
SWR Symphonieorchester
Ingo Metzmacher Leitung

Younghi Pagh-Paan
Frau, warum weinst du? Wen suchst du?
für Orchester

Francesca Verunelli
Tune and Retune II für Orchester

Steven Kazuo Takasugi
Konzert für Klavier, Orchester
und Elektronik

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Where does the event happen? Donaueschingen, Baarsporthalle

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