Mystic Creatures im Freudentaumel III w/ Joseph Disco / Schmeckefuchs / MataHari /...

⋆✮★✩🎶 Mystic Creatures im Freudentaumel 🎶✩★✮⋆

Staggering out of sheer joy, we go on the third ride with the Mystic Creatures.
In the usual Mystic and Freudentaumel's manner, we serve you a very special lineup and we are really excited about it.

The Mystic Creatures started to stir up the electronic music scene in Berlin four years ago and since then they have been an integral part of it. They are now known far beyond the city limits and we are very happy to be able to welcome them back to Vienna.

The phoenix gracefully spreads its wings, the wights begin to hop for joy and the witch flies in on her broomstick..

Get ready for the next mystic rave!

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