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Software Developers' Thursdays - Open Data Hub - The new Data Browser

Leading our May session will be Christian Gapp, a full-stack developer, consultant, and computer enthusiast together with Martin Rabanser, a business and technology consultant.

NOI Techpark and the Open Data Hub Community are implementing the new Open Data Hub data browser. During this event, the speakers will provide an overview of the architecture and technology behind this new data browser. Further presented and discussed will be the most critical aspects (e.g., wide range of users, a substantial number of datasets with different datatypes, etc.) which emerged while implementing the latest version of the data browser.

Our fifth session of 2023 will be held at the space NOISE. Need guidance in getting around? Have a look here https://bit.ly/3zUDYFy, or ask for it at the Info Desk on the ground floor of the main building.

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18:30 Christian Gapp and Martin Rabanser: Open Data Hub - The new Data Browser
19:00 Open discussion

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Where does the event happen? NOI Techpark

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