Software Developers' Thursdays - Maker Space behind the scenes - The facility management system

Hello June! Our developer community monthly meet-up is back again. This one is for tech geeks. Dev ninjas. DevOps. Coding lovers. Creators. And you.

In this session, we are discussing the facility management system with Walter Weissensteiner, who is responsible for the prototyping lab Maker Space at NOI.

Some say running a 400 m2 (about the area of a basketball court) prototyping lab with almost 100 machines is not simple. Doing it in a way that makes all these opportunities available for people to work on their own, and in a complete save way, is an even bigger challenge.
By customising a system that integrates hardware and software devices, our Maker Space team was able to develop a management system that brings together - 360 degrees - everything that is needed to make this possible: user management, permissions, machinery maintenance, cost accounting, the graphic interface on the website, and user areas. They invest in programming to make users increasingly autonomous, which makes it as easy as possible for companies to use the lab's full potential.

This time, we will be meeting at the Maker Space on the ground floor at NOI Techpark. Need guidance in getting around? Have a look here, or ask for it at the Info Desk on the ground floor of the main building.

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18:30 Walter Weissensteiner, NOI: Maker Space behind the scenes - The facility management system
19:00 Open discussion

Where does the event happen? NOI Techpark

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