Software Developers' Thursdays - Microservice plays Odd One Out

Our third session of 2024 will be held at the space NOISE. Need guidance in getting around? Have a look here, or ask for it at the Info Desk on the ground floor of the main building.

Any architecture comes with its benefits and its drawbacks. Microservice is no different. And with popularity comes a lot of information, sometimes useful, sometimes misleading. Is there any universally good practice with microservice? Is there anything universally harmful? Maybe the best question is: In which case can a given practice be good or harmful? The details of each application's context will decide how the architecture fits it, and frequently what is positive in one case might cause problems in another.
This talk is an attempt to dive into these discussions with fun. We're playing "Odd One Out" with Microservice architectural style. We're evaluating different scenarios and practices, trying to detect if there is any "mole" infiltrated among the others!

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18:30 João Francisco Daniel, UNIBZ: Microservice plays Odd One Out
19:00 Open discussion

Where does the event happen? NOI Techpark

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