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ZOOOM Toolkit Interactive Workshop [SFSCON SIDE EVENT]

Speakers: Amalia de Gotzen and Andy Peruccon (Aalborg University)

This workshop will focus on examining the ZOOOM toolkit, which provides valuable tools and material regarding open licence innovation around the topic of Open Data, Software and Hardware. Particularly, we will present the overall interface and user experience with the hope of collecting valuable feedback from participants and identifying potential improvements in both the structure and the functions of specific supporting tools. The involvement of the participants will be instrumental in gathering cutting-edge and up-to-date knowledge regarding current tools and resources that can contribute to the creation of an all-inclusive knowledge repository on open licence innovation.

Where: Seminar Room 3

About ZOOOM Project

ZOOOM ProjectTrack: 3Os and IP Awareness Raising for Collaborative Ecosystems
SFSCON 2023 Friday, 10th and Saturday, 11th
Organizers: Stefano Menegazzi (Hub Innovazione Trentino), Davide Serpico (University of Trento)

ZOOOM is a project funded by the European Union (Horizon Programme) and managed by the Hub Innovazione Trentino (HIT). ZOOOM analyses Intellectual Property (IP) generation and management in collaborative innovation ecosystems which rely on various types of open technologies: open-source software, open hardware, and open data (the “3Os”), with a special focus on emerging technological areas such as AI, Blockchain, Quantum, and Robotics. The project is also focused on supporting various groups of stakeholders (e.g., knowledge creators such as startups, SMEs, researchers, Technology Transfer Offices, Digital Innovation Hubs, and Patent Information Centres) navigate the complex challenges that arise when addressing open-source innovation from both legal and business perspectives. For further information, see [https://zooom4u.eu] (https://zooom4u.eu)

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Where does the event happen? NOI Techpark
A. Volta-Str., 13/A
39100 Bolzano | Bozen

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ZOOOM Toolkit Interactive Workshop