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#rp23 | TICKETCODE Shop

This is a special shop for re:publica group ticket purchases. You can buy ticket codes for #rp23. A ticket code is then used to generate a ticket at any time (until June 4, 2023) after the order has been placed.

The purchase of ticket codes can be useful if the all of participants' data is not available at the time of buying. Just send out ticket codes instead and let participants generate tickets with their data by themselves. If the participants data is available in their entirety, it may make sense to purchase through the regular ticket shop.

Ticket codes will be sent to the order email address after the order is placed and can then be conveniently shared with others.

Please note: Ticket codes must be used to generate a personlized ticket.

Standard Ticket SPECIAL | TICKETCODE (incl. 10% discount)

Standard Ticket SPECIAL | TICKETCODE (incl. 10% discount)

for re:publica 2023 (5-7th June)
Arena Berlin & Festsaal Kreuzberg

minimum amount to order: 9

Original price: €299.00 New price: €269.10 incl. 19% MwSt./VAT