RevSpace (Hackerspace Den Haag) Open Day 25 March 2023

After 3 years of corona break, RevSpace will once again participate in the national Open Day of Dutch hackerspaces!

During this day, we will show what our hackerspace looks like. There will be guided tours of the space, but you can also just walk around and have a look by yourself.

During the tours, we will give background information and we will show you our workshops and machines. There's a small exposition of assorted projects that participants have recently done, and the things we can't show (like software hacking, security, and privacy) will be explained.

Admission is free, but we do require registration for a free ticket. Pick your timeslot below; in the next step, you can indicate the number of people.


ℹ️ Face masks are optional
✅ Ventilation with CO2 meters
✅ HEPA air purifiers
✅ We ask our volunteers and guests to perform a self-test before the event.
✅ There are 10 tickets for every time slot. That way it we can prevent crowding while still receiving 100 guests.


✅ Children are welcome under adult supervision
ℹ️ There won't be any specific kids activities.
⚠️ We have machines and chemicals that are unsuitable for small children.

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