SoilHack Gathering 2018 content

Applying wisdom

A peer to peer session; trying to understand soil science from a grower's perspective. Old and new wisdom and how we can use it practically.

Introduction to soil microscopy

Using microscopes to assess microbial life in soil, compost and compost teas. Practical session examining suitable equipment and techniques for assessment.

Shumei natural agriculture

Insights to the practice of natural agriculture, saving seed and how to grow food with no inputs.

Deep ecology and the mineral content of food

How do we know if what we do to our soil makes it better or worse? Encouraging symbiosis between us, plants and the life in the soil could result in healthier food packed full of essential minerals and other beneficial nutrients. We shall explore the issues and theories related to food quality and work towards developing a better ‘yard stick’ that can measure ‘success’ based on the health and wellbeing of all involved.

The politics of soil

The politics of soil- extended peer to peer facilitated session in which we delve deeper into the politics of soil.

Rotation planning for soil health in horticulture operations

Interactive workshop. Bring your rotation diagram to the session to share and work on

Colonisation of soils

'Soil from the grass roots and beyond'

Biochar stove demo

Saturday evening biochar burn with presentations and discussions about using biochar.

Make your own potting compost

A practical explanation of what goes into a good seed and potting compost from things you can harvest yourself from your land.

Seed saving

Breeding crops for your bit of Earth

Adding volcanic rock dust to soils

Volcanic soils are really fertle due to the minerals brought up during eruptions. How does using volcanic rock dust impact soils and the food grown in them?

Practical Composting

Session tailored to its participants. Looking at theory and methods of composting. Domestic, community and market garden scale composting.

Alchemy and the mythos of soil

Exploring the relevance of symbolic language in the context of indigenous knowledge systems and the history of science. What does a mythos of soil look like? Where are our soil stories, songs, dances? Presentation with slides, followed by discussion.