Who's Who

Composer and media artist MARK CONIGLIO is widely recognized as a pioneering force in the eld of interactive performance. With Dawn Stoppiello, he co-founded the media intensive dance group Troika Ranch in 1994. As a result of this artistic practice, he created the software Isadora—a software tool that provides deep interactive control over digital media. Isadora has become the tool of choice for thousands worldwide, including such notables as Francis Ford Coppola, The Wooster Group, and the royal Shakespeare Company. Coniglio has received a “Bessie” award, a prize from Prix Ars electronica, and the World Technology Award, which recognized his long-term legacy in art and technology.

NATASHIA ALLAKARLALLAK is an Inuk singer songwriter from Iqaluit, with roots in resolute Bay, Igloolik and nunavik. Natashia is a world traveler and an advocate for Inuit youth and their relationship with culture, language and land. Natashia‘s versatile voice sounds deep and effortless, bringing to the surface a feeling of inner richness. Plug into Natashia‘s sound and prepare for a musical journey to her golden heart.

ALBENA BAEVA works with interactive design, experimental video and performance. In her interactive installations for urban spaces and galleries she uses technology, creative programming and DIY practices. She has two MAs; in Restoration (2008) and in Digital Art (2010) from the National Academy of Art in Sofia where she specializes in art technology practices from the 12th to 21st century. In 2011 she was awarded the International Essl Art Award for Contemporary Art by the special invitation of the Vienna Insurance Group. She is co-founder of Runabout Project, a platform for interdisciplinary performances and Studio for Interactive Design reaktiv. Within Runabout Project she works with musicians, dancers, poets and engineers to create new interactive performance instruments.

Albena’s works have been shown in museums for contemporary art such as Essl (Austria, 2011), EMMA (Finland, 2013), Museum for Contemporary Art Vojvodina (Serbia, 2015), at galleries and festivals for video and performance in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, lithuania, Switzerland, Serbia, Ukraine and USA. → http://albenabaeva.com/

BENJAMIN HOHNHEISER is a Berlin based artist and designer. His work reaches from projections for stage design and concept and realization of interactive media installations to illustration and animation – putting a focus on interdisciplinary works with media and space and the unconventional interplay between analog and digital media. He is also developing and organizing workshops and teaching for several institutions as for the btk university for art & design berlin in media extended spaces. Porfolio: http://benju.net

Visual artist RUPPERT BOHLE has been working at the intersection of art and technology since the late 1990s. As a consultant and technical service provider, Bohle has helped artists and researchers build and shape their creative vision with tools of which they were often unaware.

Collaborations have included works for Lenore Malen, Beat Streuli, Kurt Hentschlager, Wendall Harrington, Theatre de Complicité, The Public Theater, NY and the Metropolitan Opera among others. Bohle is currently a lecturer for projection design at the Yale school of Drama.

AIDAN BOYLE is a visual and sound artist, originally from Ireland, living in Berlin since 2016. Interactivity is the medium he uses to blur boundaries between performer and live sound/visuals, blending emergent media and technology with electronic music, visual art and the performing arts. With a hybrid background in science, composition and new media arts, his works bridge participatory/collaborative cultures and networked environments within performance. Boyle’s work has been seen in Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Brazil.

MARCELA GIESCHE (1983—Mainz, Germany): Graduated in 2006 with a BFA in Dance from Ohio State University and Codarts, Rotterdam. She has since been a freelance dancer and choreographer working with diverse dance companies and directors across Europe such as neuer Tanz (VA Wöl ), Thomas Ostermeier, and Deja Donne, amongst others. Her own selected works include “sacre” (premiered at HAU, Berlin), “left I – right I” (w. Sonya Levin), “Self- portrait 24”, and “exFolia” (w. Andy Moor/Yannis Kyriakides). She continues her research of movement and choreographic forms through her creation, performance, and teaching practices in Berlin and internationally. She also founded and is the artistic director of the dance research and residency venue Lake studios Berlin, where she has collaborated with Marlon Barrios Solano and Mark Coniglio to facilitate a dance-technology residency program. → www.marcelagiesche.com and → www.lakestudiosberlin.com

JACQUES HOEPFFNER is a visual artist living in Paris. He began his artistic life with photography and film. He works now mainly for the stage, conceiving interactive scenographies for dance and theater. He mixes digital media, images, sounds, tangible computing, crossing different techniques and software. Teaching in Art School and University, he uses and teaches Isadora since 2005. Rachid Ouramdane, Tan Dun, Anne Collod, Karole Armitage and Cécile Proust are some of the people he has worked with.


JENNY HAACK Dance, Arts (D/Berlin). Trained in New Dance and Improvisation, Certificate, Bewegungsart Freiburg 1997-99. Academic studies in Fine Arts, diploma and master degree, Performance and Video department, HBK Braunschweig.

Haack produces and presents her own projects and collaborates with other artists since 1996. Her artistic work has received international rewards, grants and honors. In 2013, she founded b.arts.u—berlin arts united, a non-profit organization and is founder and director of the festival Improvisation XChange Berlin (2013—2016) and SOUN D ANCE Festival 2017 in DOCK11. → www.jennyhaack.de

As a cultural manager XENIA LEYDEL’s work with artists is informed by a dramaturgical process. Bridging practical, creative, and business development, Xenia provides holistic artist support and career management. Born in Dresden, she is company manager for TroikaTronix and producer of the Isadora Werkstatt. Xenia was trained in contemporary dance and was a dancer and choreographer in Berlin before becoming the new media program coordinator for the Stuttgarter Filmwinter and employed by the Forum Neues Musiktheater of the Staatsoper Stuttgart. She has worked with artists including: Susanne Linke, Antonia Bähr, SheShePop, Josephine Evrard and the Internationale TanzFilmPlattform Pool. Xenia is currently a board member of „Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V.” (Contemporary Dance Berlin), dedicated to supporting the Berlin dance scene.

MONTGOMERY C MARTIN has been designing digital projections and interactive technologies for the theater and performance since 2005. He is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto. He has been a member of the TroikaTronix technical team since 2015, and is thrilled to return to the Werkstatt to explore, share, and teach again! Monty is a founding member of the Digital Dramaturgy Lab (DDL), a creative research initiative of artists, scholars, scientists and students exploring the relationship between digital technology and artistic practice. His projection and media design work include collaborations with Crow’s Theatre, Elephants Collective, Theatre Brouhaha, the Digital Media Program at York University, and the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. Toronto‘s NOW Magazine has called his designs „beautiful and disorienting... „trippy“ is probably the best descriptor.

ADAM PUlTZ MELBYE (Music, Composition, DK/Berlin) plays double bass and electronics in a variety of constellations, often involving dance and visual arts. His focus is on the morphology of sound and how our perception guides our appreciation of musical texture and gesture. Adam has toured most of the world and composed acoustic and electroacoustic music for dance, movies, theater and sound installations. He has appeared on more than 30 releases, runs the label platform Noema and holds a post-graduate Soloist Degree in Performance from RMC in Copenhagen. www.adampultz.com

ALEXANDER NANTSCHEV was born in 1976 into a family of artists. His mother was a ballerina, his father a violinist, his uncle a conductor and composer and his brother a music producer. Using technology for music, video and light started from early childhood. His work in the contemporary dance field has been supported by the Austrian government and he has toured in Europe, China, Japan, the Caribbean, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Iran and Korea. Alex has been a passionate Isadora user since 2012 utilizing the program for many of his own show designs and installations for dance, theater and galleries. In 2015 Alex was invited to join the Isadora ProNetwork, allowing him to beta test unreleased versions of the software and provide feedback to the company on future software directions. In 2016 Alex offcially became a member of the TroikaTronix team. He is the founder of the label Crystalhorizon records.

→ http://www.crystalhorizon.at

DANIEL SCHORNO is an Amsterdam based musician, instrument designer and composer, who has travelled the globe performing and giving workshops on eponymous digital and vintage analogue instruments. His musical noosphere is informed by a love for razor edged sounds created by laser fast cuts & cueing live-sampling. His Crackle Scorpio sound & light sculptures have been exhibited widely. His new media pocket opera is a collaborative platform for interdisciplinary digital storytelling.

Daniel/zitegeist has played alongside luminaries like DJ Sniff and Garth Knox, collaborated on the ‘noiseroom’ with Jan St Werner and duo’ed with legends like Netochka Nezvanova and many others. In the past he co-directed ‘Steim’, the studio for electro-instrumental music in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, for over a decade and a half.
→ http://zitegeist.net/

→ https://soundcloud.com/danielschorno → https://soundcloud.com/kairos-duos
→ https://soundcloud.com/zitegeist

Many of you will know GRAHAM THORNE as Skulpture from his website, the Isadora forum, his wordpress blog and other social media channels. Graham Thorne is a visual production lecturer at Backstage Academy in Wakefield, UK by day. He has worked on various projects around the world including Glastonbury, Helsinki, London and many more. His work generally involves projection mapping, custom user interaction or motion tracking. Graham has been using Isadora for over a decade, working for TroikaTronix for over 8 years as a pro user, beta tester and forum moderator. As a lecturer, Graham strives to set a professional pace in his classes while keeping them relaxed and playful. → www.grahamthorne.co.uk

CHRISTINE TOOTOO is an accordion player, songwriter, throat singer and actor with film credits including the acclaimed feature lm ‘Iqaluit’, shot in 2017 in Nunavut.

RYAN WEBBER has developed multimedia applications since the mid 90‘s. His first experiments in generative image creation and video mixing were developed in Director‘s Lingo script. This work lead to developing online games in shockwave and Flash, and then on to the development of front and back-end websites for major broadcasters. His love of real-time video art continued thru his regular VJing engagements at a number of Toronto electronic music events, which lead to the development of a fashion label that he continues to design and market online. These experiences come together in his role as a member of the TroikaTronix Team, where he has worked extensively in Isadora, both as a platform for live video performance and as a framework for creating rich interactive and data-driven installations.