Werkstatt FAQs

Just the facts!

:: What is a workshop, lecture or event?

Workshop: Hands-on course. Generally limited to approximately 15 users.

Lecture: Presentation for up to 50 users. Bring your computer to follow along. (electrical outlets will be limited, so make sure to keep your laptop charged!)

Event: Evening lectures, panels and performances

Please come to class with Isadora already installed. Isadora is available for download at → http://troikatronix.com/get-it.

If you do not already have an Isadora license, we will provide you a temporary license for the duration of the Werkstatt. Wednesday evening after the Keynote, members of the TroikaTronix Team can assist you with installing the software and the class materials. Other workshop specific requirements are listed in the program or will be emailed to you by your instructors.

:: Course Levels

Beginner: For everyone new to Isadora.

Intermediate: User is comfortable with basic Isadora interface.

Advanced: Experienced Izzy user.

:: Creative Space

Thursday – Saturday, 10:00am - 7:00pm, hosted by Albena Baeva at Heizhaus.

This year‘s Creative Space will be housed in the Heizhaus. It’s your playground — with room to set up projectors and LEDs, play with the Kinect, dive into a pop-up mini-workshop or just rest and recharge. TroikaTronix team members will be on hand to assist users.

Have an idea for the Creative Space? We want to hear it! Shoot Albena an email at: → creativespace@troikatronix.com

Mark Coniglio neue Schönhauser Straße 12 10178 Berlin Germany troikatronix.com

:: Cafe

Simone Grünwald

Our popular cafe will make a happy return to the Uferstudios. Open throughout the day, you’ll have easy access to tasty and affordable meals, coffee and libations.

:: Social Media