Cyber Security - From Theory to Practice

Join us on June 5th at the Open Innovation Center at JKU for an evening dedicated to Cyber Security. Our event, "Cyber Security - From Theory To Practice," brings together experts and enthusiasts to explore various aspects of this dynamic field.

We are delighted to have esteemed speakers who will share their insights and experiences:*

  • Professor Rass: Gain valuable knowledge about the theoretical foundations and cutting-edge research in cyber security.
  • Tobias Höller: Discover the practical applications of Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions and how they contribute to developing expertise in the field.
  • Martin Dallinger: Hear firsthand experiences and learn about the intriguing differences between Hacking Competitions and real-world work in security operations centers.

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your understanding of cyber security and connect with professionals in the industry. Register now for our event, "Cyber Security - From Theory To Practice"!

* Topics may be subject to change

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Where does the event happen? LIT - Open Innovation Center (OIC), Johannes Kepler University Linz

When does the event happen?
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