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Beat it! Artist Talk by Zam Johnson - Side Programm Exhibition Vibes. Jazz Photos by Axel Benzmann

The artist talk by Zam Johnson is part of the cultural side program accompanying the Browse Gallery exhibition "VIBES. The Essence of the Moment. Black and white photographs of the Berlin Jazz Days (60-70s) by Axel Benzmann".

Drummer, composer and performance artist Zam Johnson grew up in Watts, Los Angeles in the late 50s and 60s and has enriched culture in Europe and Berlin through his musical performances for years. In his talk he gives a personal tour through the exhibition. He will be sharing how he as a juvenile met some of the Jazz greats on the exhibition photos and later became an internationally renown Jazz and electronic music master himself. This will be a unique and highly entertaining story telling session, providing more than one or two opportunities for new insights into how Jazz, over generations, has spread itself all over the world and has greatly influenced the history of popular music overall.

Zam will also give a Jazz performance in the exhibtion with his colleagues David Beecroft and Carmelo Leotta, Zam's Cool Vibes Trio, on March 15th.

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Where does the event happen? Browse Gallery c/o Zimmer 48, Zossenerstr. 48, 10961

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