The concert does not have chairs. Please bring a picnic blanket and make yourselves comfortable on the lawn. The Elbe meadows and the Elbe beach are part of a landscape conservation area whose protective purpose is to preserve the Elbe meadows as extensively used permanent grassland. We have received an exceptional permit for this event, subject to major conditions. Please be mindful, take your rubbish with you, use pocket ashtrays and respect the surrounding nature. Thank you very much!


As recently as July this year, the Dresdner Sinfoniker played on Hamburg's skyscrapers. Now, in cooperation with Seebühne Erleben and the Weiße Flotte Sachsen, the Elbe will become their venue. On 4 September at 6.30 pm, five historic paddlewheel steamers will join the orchestra on its floating stage. The ships' steam whistles, powered by boiler pressure, will become soloists in a unique musical experiment. From the Elbe beach and on the steamers, the audience experiences an entirely new concert format against the backdrop of Dresden's magnificent Old Town.

The concert does not have chairs. Please bring a picnic blanket and make yourselves comfortable on the lawn.

Unfortunately, seats are limited due to the current situation. However, this concert can be experienced throughout the area around the Königsufer and we invite you to explore the area and listen to the concert from different vantage points.

Where does the event happen? Königsufer Dresden

When does the event happen?
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