Workshop - Built with Bits: Designing virtual spaces for social impact

In-person workshop II: Built with Bits: Designing virtual spaces for social impact
Participants will get inspired by the virtual spaces 3D-technology toolkit and its possibilities. They will think of local problems worth addressing through the creation of 3D virtual environments, and figure out how they can involve citizens to become an active part of this process. They will have the opportunity to decide to join Built with Bits, whether as a proposal leader or as a collaborator.

Workshop topics
- Introduction to BwB and basic demonstration
- Breakout discussions:
- Sharing the main social or community issues every participant or CHI representative is currently addressing
- Triggering reflection by using the facilitated templates
- Connecting their issues to possible solutions by participating in the next Built with Bits programme
- Final reflection, next steps and Q&A

The workshop is bilingual - both in English and Spanish

Please have a look at the full programme here.

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