Europeana Low-Code Fest 2023

In summer 2023, Europeana is running again the Low-Code Fest, the second run of the Europeana social and educational low-code hackathon. This programme and series of events will focus on using the Europeana APIs and supporting European educators and cultural heritage professionals to identify innovative approaches for educational initiatives.

This programme is open to all types of educators (whether you teach arts and humanities or STEM disciplines) because previous coding experience is not required - it is ‘Low-Code’. It will run from July - September 2023 and include capacity building events, online support and a final Low-CodeFest ‘hackathon’ - find out more on Europeana Pro.

We invite teachers in formal education and European cultural professionals to apply for this programme by signing in the Capacity Building phase using this Pretix form by 23 June. Please add the event to your cart and respond to the questions to better understand your current ideas.

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