Preservation of Digital Heritage in the data space

How long is ‘long-term’ preservation: 10, 50 or maybe 300 years? How do we ensure we preserve not only mainstream collections, usually safeguarded by institutions well-equipped with preservation means, but also archives of small organisations, communities, and even personal archives? How do we save on costs by looking at the ecosystem as a whole rather than at specific use cases? Colleagues from the J-Ark project, European Commission and Europeana Foundation will explore some of the bigger questions about the future of digital preservation and how they can be addressed by the common European data spaces, in particular for cultural heritage.

Join us, and learn more about how the J-Ark project has aimed to connect Europeana’s aggregation infrastructure (a key element in the European data space for cultural heritage) with the eArchiving building block and eArchiving-compliant systems and processes, hear the European Commission’s vision on data spaces and preservation, and learn more about other projects innovating with preservation.

- Alexander Raginsky, Technical Lead, Pangeanic
- Árpád Welker, Policy Officer - Digital Cultural Heritage and EU Policies, European Commission
- Fulgencio Sanmartín, Policy Officer - Digital Cultural Heritage and Interactive Technologies, European Commission
- Valentine Charles, Data Services Director, Europeana Foundation

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