ExploreSalon 2023

ExploreSalon 2023: Unveil Hidden Stories from the Past

Come to the ExploreSalon to unveil hidden stories from the past.
When people interact, they leave traces: uncountable letters, diaries, chronicles, plaques, and other written records have preserved memories about people
– long before the rise of smartphones and social media.

For the duration of one week the ExploreSalon at the ACDH-CH in Vienna offers a space to explore those digitized memories, seek hidden stories, discuss and share ideas as well as findings.

Learn more at: https://clariah.at/exploresalon2023/

In order to participate, select "ExploreSalon 2023 Registration Participation" Ticket below (Monday, May 22nd - Friday 26th).
You do NOT need to get a separate ticket for the Closing & Networking Event on Friday, May 26th.

In order to participate in the ExploreSalon Closing Event only, please select "ExploreSalon 2023 Closing Event: Showcasing & Networking" (Friday, May 26th).

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Where does the event happen? Vienna, Austria

When does the event happen?
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