Hybrid Quantum Algorithms for real life industry use cases

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Hybrid Quantum Algorithms for real life industry use cases
26 January 2021, 17:00 - 18:00 CET

Markus Pflitsch
Founder, CEO and Chairman, Terra Quantum AG

Michael Perelshtein
Team Leader Quantum Algorithm Development, Terra Quantum AG

Slowly but steadily Quantum computing seems to be entering the space of practical usability.
In order to make use of its promising properties and its incredible magnitude of computational power special algorithms are necessary.

Markus Pflitsch and Michael Perelshtein from Terra Quantum, a Swiss company dedicated to develop these algorithms, will present in their talk the state of quantum computing and the difficult task to actually tap the power of it by designing those operational algorithms. They will show the specifics of algorithm development on different industrial use cases but also highlight the importance of so called bridge technologies which are connecting the two worlds of bit based and quantum bit based computing like high performance computers.
Current high performance computers especially when used as Quantum simulators, can still be very effective for complex computational tasks and an alternative to pure quantum machines.

The talk will be online and free of charge followed by a Q&A session.
Please note that the talk will be in English.

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