Hardly any animal has been as close to the evolution of humankind as the pig. But while dog, cat, and horse stand in a relationship of romantic partnerhood to us, the pig "serves" as a mere farm animal and projection of the unclean, evil, and inferior. Yet porcine social structure, in its gregariousness, is very similar to ours. As part of a multimedia installation, eight artists act out and mirror the human in the pig and vice versa. Their live performance transcends boundaries of taste and genre: attraction and repulsion, fusion and contradiction, stylistic inconsistency and elegance––who is who?

With Aktomis (Jo Flüeler), Christian Beck, Mirko Borscht, Romy Camerun, Lisa Fütterer, Ichi Go, Holger Kuhla, Jessika-Katharina Möller-Langmaack, Yaroslav Schwarzstein

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