TIN Festival 2020

Welcome to the Ticket Shop of TIN-Festival 2020.
Select your ticket(s), depending on what / how many events you wish to attend during TIN-Festival 2020.

Choose the Festival Pass All In for the full experience, including soup and drinks. Or get a day pass for Saturday or Sunday, or a workshop bundle (three workshops). Tickets for single workshops or concerts are also available.
Young TIN tickets are for children, students and trainees up to 27 years (ID required). We offer reduced entry to disabled people and individuals with the Düsselpass.

You will have the option to register for the workshop(s) of your choice during check out.

Circlesinging and Open Stages do not require a ticket or registration.
We offer different payment options.

Tickets can also be purchased on site at any time during the festival.

Please note that TIN Festival 2020 has two locations:
- Schlosskirche Eller, Schloßallee 6, 40229 Düsseldorf
- Rudolf-Steiner-School, Diepenstraße 15, 40625 Düsseldorf

it all starts on Friday March 06th at the Schlosskirche Eller at 4pm.
On Saturday March 7th, we spend the day at the Rudolf-Steiner-School, while the evening concert takes place in the Schlosskirche Eller.
On Sunday March 8th, we will again gather at the Rudolf Steiner-School where TIN Festival 2020 will be closing at 4pm.

For the full program, see www.tin-festival.de

Sorry, the online ticket sale for TIN Festival 2020 has ended. Tickets will be available before the concerts and at the Festival location.

Where does the event happen? Schlosskirche Eller 40229 Düsseldorf / Rudolf-Steiner-School Düsseldorf
40625 Düsseldorf, Germany

When does the event happen?
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