What is power? Where does it lie? What can it do? How does it show itself?

Are you interested in martial arts? And you want to get to know your own power? Then come to the three-day workshop at ABC.

You can discover your power and experience its expression and effect. You will feel it, use it with full force, but also experience it in its tenderness and vulnerability. You will explore where you need it most in everyday life and in your life and how you can use it.
We will record our experiences in pictures, films and texts, share them with each other and thus be able to take a completely different look at ourselves and our power.

We will box and kick, learn movement forms from karate, do calmer sequences from qigong and meditate. In the process we will:
... explore, experience and allow our power together.
... take time to feel our power, physically and emotionally
... look at how and where power shows itself in yourself
... see how it can protect you
... ask ourselves what we need our strength for and how we want to use it alone or together.

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Between 40€ and 80€, depending on what you can pay. Including accommodation in two or more bed rooms and full board.

The event costs money, but we don't want to exclude anyone. That's why we offer different prices. If you can afford a (small) contribution towards the costs of accommodation, food and the programme, click on one of the prices below.
If you cannot afford the participation fee, you are still welcome to join us. In this case we can send you a voucher for free participation. Just send a short mail to

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? ABC Bildungs- und Tagungszentrum e.V.
Bauernreihe 1 | 21706 Drochtersen-Hüll

When does the event happen?
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