A weekend of fighting, exchanging ideas, learning from each other. No matter what style, no matter what experience.

With our martial arts barcamp, we want to facilitate exchange and encounter for different martial arts styles, perspectives on martial arts and their importance for emancipatory processes. For example in relation to body images, gender and health as well as approaches to learning and teaching. Different experiences, previous knowledge and approaches to martial arts and movement can meet and enrich each other.

What is a Barcamp?

A barcamp is an open, self-organised format, a so-called "un-conference". It is participative and integrative. It differs from conventional workshop formats in that there is an overall theme - in this case martial arts - but the content are only determined on site.

What actually happens is entirely up to you! It can be a classical training, teaching or showing each other a special technique. Or a theoretical exchange, discussing a question or watching a film together. Barcamps are not about prefabricated expert knowledge, but about an exchange at eye level.

At a barcamp, there are one-hour sessions spread throughout the day that take place in several rooms or outside at the same time. The sessions are determined each morning by everyone during the session planning. Suggestions for thesessions are collected, and everything that meets with interest is implemented. Only the basic structure of the daily schedule (start of the day, breaks and end of the day) is fixed, everything else is in your hands.

We will gather ideas and wishes for the barcamp in advance. On site, the ideas will then be incorporated into the joint day-by-day planning. You can either simply suggest content, formats, inputs etc. or first see what others suggest and what might interest you. The Barcamp offers a space to train, research, try out, play and get to know each other.

Who can participate?

The event is aimed at women / FLINTA aged 16-99, regardless of language skills in German. You can participate whether you have only been in Germany for a few months and have no knowledge of German, have lived in Germany for a long time or were born here. If necessary, a translation into English is possible.

You do not need any previous knowledge of martial arts. It doesn't matter if you have experience with martial arts and have been training for a long time, or if everything is new to you and you just want to have a look: you are cordially invited!

*FLINTA: F: All who identify as women L: Lesbians I: Intersexuals N: Non-binary gender identities T: Trans persons A: Agender

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Where does the event happen? ABC Bildungs- und Tagungszentrum e.V.
Bauernreihe 1 | 21706 Drochtersen-Hüll

When does the event happen?
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