This conference will bring together artists, hackers and researchers to critically examine the shift in digital culture from openly-shared to crypto-based forms of ownership. Is this the ultimate triumph of financialization, or are there openings towards different property regimes and thus new forms of art and culture?

Below you will find basic information about the conference activities. More information coming soon on this site:

The conference will be held in English.
Please register for (free) in-person participation in Ljubljana. For participation online registration is not required.

Where does the event happen? Kino Šiška
Trg prekomorskih brigad 3
1000 Ljubljana

When does the event happen?
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Panel #1: Crypto and the Commons

SAT, 12 November 2022, 3 pm–4.30 pm CET
With: Lee Tzu-Tung, Denis 'Jaromil' Roio and Aude Launay
Moderated by Shu Lea Cheang
While we tend to think of crypto and the commons as opposites (one about private ownership/control, the other about shared goods), that doesn't necessarily need to be the case. Is there a possible overlap? Or is this all a solution looking for a problem?


Panel #2: Ownership and Desire

SAT, 12 November 2022, 5 pm–6.30 pm CET
With: Felix Stalder, Jaya Klara Brekke and Martin Zeilinger
Moderated by Inte Gloerich
Beyond purely financial considerations, there is a lot of excess desire encoded in the blockchain. People want a different world. What is being desired here? How does it express itself? What are the social dynamics this produces?


Panel #3: After the Bubble: NFT as a long-term artistic medium?

SAT, 12 November 2022, 7 pm–8.30 pm CET
With: Cornelia Sollfrank, Michelle Kasprzak, Vuk Ćosić and María Paula Fernandez
Moderated by Domenico Quaranta
Over the last year, crazy financial speculation dominated everything. Now that the market collapsed, there might be room for actual experimentation, rather than just get-rich-quick schemes.



Game-Changers: The Game

by Rok Kranjc
SAT, 12 November 2022, 10 am–12:30 pm CET
Game-Changers: The Game is a story-telling driven board and card game that engages players and ’peerticipants’ in generative discussions about post-capitalist strategies and the mutually conflicting discourses that underlie the "new economy" buzzwords of the day, including sharing, smart, circular, collaborative, regenerative and many others. Applicants will participate as peerticipants, meaning you will get to judge, in real time, the story-lines created by Slovenian and international players belonging to one of two teams: Capitalism or Commonism.

With: Ela Kagel, Pekko Koskinen, Filip Dobranić, Anja Blaj and others (TBA)


Zencode: How to Write Smart Contracts Using Natural Language

Lead by
Organised by Ljudmila
SAT, 12 November 2022, 10 am–1.00 pm
Zencode is a project inspired by the discourse on data commons and technological sovereignty. The established goal is that of improving people's awareness of how their data is processed by algorithms, as well as facilitating the work of developers to create applications that follow privacy by design principles.
Minimum knowledge required: Basic programming concepts.
The number of participants is limited. Participants will be selected based on a short motivational letter.