ARENA Festival 2024

The motto of the 34th ARENA Festival is "limited edition": Where do the boundaries of our stories lie - and how are we limited in telling them? What gets repeated hundreds of times also reveals what is barely told at all. These boundaries we've drawn need to be torn down. At the same time, we are always limited in our possibilities. Yet there is possibility in limitation, potential in the rare, uniqueness in imperfection.

Negotiating anew, redrawing maps, sparking new thoughts, shaping discourses - this is exactly what we want to do with you with the plays ‘Talk’ (Wed 19/06 and Thu 20/06), ‘Remedies against Panic’ (Thu 20/06), ‘Female Friendship’ (Fri 21/06 and Sat 22/06), ‘Zum offenenen Herzen’ (Fri 21/06) and ‘Inbetween Cakes’ (Sat 22/06 and Sat 23/06). Get your tickets for this and the ‘Physical Theatre’ workshop (Sun 23/06) here in the webshop!

Only here in the online pre-sale you can take advantage of a special offer: If you buy tickets for at least three different performances, you will receive a 20% discount on the entire shopping cart (max. 15 tickets). So browse our programme and get all of your friends together!
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