11 February 2024, 12 noon Berlin/ 6 pm Bangkok, 7 pm Bali, 8pm Seoul, Tokyo

During the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 Art Laboratory Berlin and BioClub Tokyo arranged a series of 14 online meetings between hybrid artists and associates virtually connecting Berlin with Tokyo as well as other locations in East and Southeast Asia. These meetings were a forum for exchange of research, practice and solidarity in times of crises.
More information about these meetings here:

We are happy to present VIRAL CLOUD Reloaded together with our colleagues for an afternoon/evening of short talks and discussions:

ALB (Christian de Lutz, Regine Rapp, Tu├že Erel), Berlin)
Georg Tremmel (BioClub and metaPhorest, Tokyo)
Hideo Iwasaki (metaPhorest, BioClub Tokyo and Waseda University, Tokyo)
Henry Tan (FREAK Lab, Bangkok, metaPhorest, Japan)
Soyoon Ryu (Rice Brewing Sisters Production, South Korea)
HyungJun Park (Media Art Center Route 17, South Korea)
Elaine Regina (Fab Lab Bali, Indonesia)

The online event is open for everyone.

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