The Role of Urban Food Systems in a Changing Climate

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The Role of Urban Food Systems in a Changing Climate

The future is shaped by how we live, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the things we use, the ways we get around, the spaces we share, the cities we build, and by how we play, teach, learn and listen to each other. There is no way around it, and we can’t waste time hoping that somebody else will act – after all, there is no ‘Planet B’. Let’s come together in Copenhagen and show that climate action can be a way of life: a way of innovating, a way of designing, a way of planning, and a way of thriving.

Food production is responsible for nearly 27% of greenhouse gas emission globally. Thus, it is necessary to delve into the possible roles of urban food systems as means of decreasing the food imprint of our cities on the planet. During this event, we assess the approaches that citizens can take in order to fix our broken food systems through reshaping demand and influence bigger shifts on the production side.

By 2050, we will have 2.5 billion more people living in urban areas and they need fresh, safe and nutritious food. Let’s come together in Copenhagen to show that climate action can be a way of life: a way of innovating, a way of designing, a way of planning, and a way of thriving.
Let’s explore our responsibilities together.

C40 World Mayors Summit

The C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen will build a global coalition of leading cities, businesses and citizens that rallies around the radical and ambitious climate action our planet needs.

The Summit will showcase examples of how cities are already delivering on their strong commitments and accelerate the bold climate solutions needed for a sustainable, healthier, resilient and inclusive future.

Why Copenhagen?

As the host city, Copenhagen will make visible the wide range of successful climate solutions that the city has to offer and how its businesses and citizens are engaging in creating the experimental climate actions of tomorrow. The city will serve as an immersive living laboratory where delegates get to take a trip to the future and experience what it’s like to live in a city on the frontline of innovation.


C40 Cities connects more than 90 of the world’s leading cities to take bold climate action and build a healthier and more sustainable future. Representing 700+ million citizens and one-quarter of the global economy, mayors of C40 cities are committed to delivering on the most ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement at the local level, as well as to cleaning the air we breathe.

Live Like Tomorrow

Live Like Tomorrow is an open platform and invitation to citizens, change-makers, foodies, activists, bike enthusiasts, social entrepreneurs, innovators and NGOs to engage during the Summit. Cities and businesses can do a lot, but we can only build a healthy and resilient future if we act together – with citizens and consumers – and start to ‘live like tomorrow’. This series of events and initiatives will inspire conversations about our dreams of the future and will provide the space for honest and engaging debates about how we can all start to live like tomorrow.
The future belongs to all of us. Let’s find human solutions to global challenges. Let’s live like tomorrow.

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The Association for Vertical Farming

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