BBB_ »Songs of Cyborgeoisie«

The music and performance artist duo BBB_ (Alla Popp & Alex Traka) confronts the audience with utopian and dystopian worlds in which the boundaries between the human and the digital seem to merge. The performance extends the computer game designed by BBB_ "Songs of Cyborgeoisie. The Game", which is part of the current exhibition "deep states" at the Bärenzwinger. The project explores how technological dystopian fears influence the imagination about the future.

The audience can expect a one-hour interactive performance with narrative electronic live music that invites them to take an audio-visual journey through immersive science fiction worlds. Visitors are immersed in the perspectives of various technological, organic or fantastic beings. The performance questions the technological status quo in order to create new future scenarios.

With live vocals and spoken word by Alla Popp and live guitar by Alex Traka.
Game Visual by BBB_ in collaboration with Simon Kein and Lixing Yang, with costume design by Sarah Ama Duah and hybrid choreographic concept by Katja Cheranaeva.

The concert will take place on an outdoor terrace of the Bärenzwinger. Admission is free.
Access according to the 3G regulation for those tested (negative antigen test not older than 24h), vaccinated or recovered.

Photo: Ivan Murzin

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Where does the event happen? Bärenzwinger Berlin

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